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Exploring the Convergence of Psilocybin and Sound

Meaning of ‘EntheoSonics’®

Entheo: Derived from the Greek word “entheos,” meaning “inspired by the divine” or “filled with the spirit of a god.” This term encapsulates our use of psilocybin to facilitate deeply spiritual experiences, connecting participants with the divine and enhancing their spiritual receptivity.

Sonics: Relates to sound or the sense of hearing. In our EntheoSonic Medicine Ceremonies, ‘sonic’ captures the vibrational qualities and transformative power of sound. This is not just about hearing; it’s about feeling. Sound is facilitated through an array of methods including the human voice, traditional instruments, and modern acoustic technology to induce therapeutic and transcendent states.

Our Research Focus

EntheoSonics® is dedicated to understanding and demonstrating how psilocybin and sound, when used in tandem, can profoundly enhance spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Our research investigates:


Synergistic Effects: How the combination of psilocybin and specific sound frequencies especially with voice and combination of one’s own voice can enhance and steer psychedelic experiences towards desired therapeutic and spiritual outcomes.

Therapeutic Applications: The potential benefits of this combination in treating various psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as promoting overall mental health and spiritual growth.
Ceremonial Design: Developing protocols for safely and effectively integrating sound and psilocybin in ceremonial contexts, ensuring participants experience profound and transformative journeys.

Innovative Methodologies

At EntheoSonics®, we merge cutting-edge scientific research with the profound insights of ancient wisdom traditions. Our research is uniquely conducted through direct engagement in ceremonies, where we apply rigorous scientific methods to observe and analyse the effects of psilocybin and sound, particularly voice alchemy. This hands-on approach helps us validate and refine these traditional practices, ensuring that our ceremonies are not only spiritually authentic but also supported by empirical evidence. By documenting and studying the outcomes of these experiences, we aim to build a scientifically-backed understanding of their therapeutic and transformative potentials.

Join Our Research Community

We are eager to expand our community with scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring the synergies of psilocybin, sound, and spiritual practices. By participating in our ceremonies, attending our seminars, and engaging in ongoing discussions, you can contribute to a growing body of knowledge that bridges ancient spiritual practices with modern scientific inquiry. Your involvement will help us to further explore and elucidate the mechanisms behind these powerful healing and transformative tools.

Together, we can explore new dimensions of healing and spiritual exploration, unlocking profound benefits for mental health and well-being. Join us in pioneering this exciting frontier, and be part of a community that is reshaping the understanding of spiritual and psychological growth.


Ger in touch today to receive updates on our latest research findings, upcoming events, and opportunities to participate in our groundbreaking studies.

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